Volume 12 Issue 29
July 15-21, 2004


The Big-Box Bully That Doesn’t Say No

Letters to the Editor
Right on on Crab Culture
Capturing Who We Are And What We’re About
Zumstein Catches Kudos
Pugh’s Review ReplaysRedd’s Magic
Loving 101 Ways

Beware of Lyme Disease: A Sufferer’s Warning

Bay Life
Night Falls on Chesapeake Ba

Dock of the Bay
Report Card Time on State Circle
Snakeheads Forced to Slither Away
Ask the Plant Professor
Way Downstream

Irradiation: Better Safe or Sorry?

Bill Burton on the Bay
Sharing the Spoils of Victory:
Lynn Buhl gets a new job

On Our Cover:
Twelve Kills
Plebes are supposed to follow the rules, but sometimes they can’t help up making some new ones. Find out how in this swashbuckling story of a pair of pirates who once ruled the Severn River. by Cathy Ervin