Volume 12 Issue 38
September 16-22 2004

Our Lead Story
In Isabel’s Wake A Memoir of Loss, Pain and Gain
by Billie Hinnefeld

Gagging on a Better-Bay Recipe

Letters to the Editor
Meet Calvert’s New Delegate
Sharing Best of the Bay
224 Safer Boaters, Thanks to Friends of AACo Trails

Before It Gets a New Gas Pipeline, Calvert County Needs Answers
by Sara E. Leeland

Bay Life
Editing Edgewater’s Ecology
story & photos by Carrie Steele

Bill Burton on the Bay
Catching the Basse

Dock Of The Bay
Museum Chair Looks Back and Forward
Local Film Sounds Alarm on Sleeping Monster
Ask the Plant Professor
Way Downstream

Earth Journal
Kestrel on the Line

Earth Talk
Celebrating the Wilderness Act at 40 Years

On Our Cover:

Between The Covers
Marcia Talley’s In Death’s Shadow
This crime scene is truly tense, precisely because it happens right on calm Annapolitan streets.
Reviewed by Sara E. Leeland