Volume 12 Issue 40
September 30 - October 6 2004


Listen Up to the Presidential Debates

Letters to the Editor
Debating MTBE

Walk This Way
by Robert L. Cramer

Bay Life
Three Great Parks
by Vivian Zumstein

Bill Burton on the Bay
The Saga of Compass Pointe Golf Course

Dock Of The Bay
People Just Can’t Keep Their Hands off the New Sculptures on Millennium Trail
State Funds 1.4-Mile Trail
Help a Tree Nursery Not Only Squirrels Are Gathering Nuts
Ask the Plant Professor
Way Downstream

Earth Journal

Earth Talk
Recovering America’s Prairies
—Charlie Anderson, Boston

On Our Cover:
Our Lead Story
Take a Hike
Treat yourself and your family this fall to a walk in any of Chesapeake Country’s many lovely places.
by Vivian I. Zumstein

Curtain Call

2nd Star Productions’ Anything goes
Anything Goes pours a good dose of bubbly levity to the accompaniment of light-hearted music, and maybe that’s what we need these days.
Reviewed by Dick Wilson

Movie Review:
Shaun of the Dead – Jonathan Parker