Volume 13 Issue11
March 17 - 23, 2005

On Our Cover:
Our Lead Story
Keeping that Big-Band Sound Swinging
“It’s not just music; it’s a show, a stage production. It’s got a feminine part and a masculine part, an innocent part and a sexy part. It’s everything from Guy Lombardo to Louis Armstrong. And I love it all,” says Doc Scantlin of the show he and his Imperial Palms Orchestra put on. Here, Doc and Chou Chou, his wife and lead singer, are poised for action


In Maryland Politics, a New Beginning

Letters to the Editor
In the Legislature, Your Money or Your Life
Indeed It’s Time to Fish or Cut Chops
Bravo for Community Radio

Dock of the Bay
Bay Weekly’s Own Take Home Prizes
Turning Blue Crabs into Greenbacks
Governor’s Green Report Card Wilts
Steve Carr ~ Lift a pint to the sky to the osprey, who delivers spring to us each year
Dr. Frank Gouin’s Bay Gardene
Way Downstream,

Listening for Spring’s Arrival

Bill Burton on the Bay
Reading: The best exercise for healthy minds

Earth Journal
Fox sparrow heralds spring; by Gary Pendleton

Earth Talk
Satisfy your sweet tooth without sugar

Curtain Call
Colonial Players’ Assassins

Music Preview
Coffee House Concerts are a Sweet Deal

Parker on Robots: “Sure the movie looks great, but to what end?”