Volume 13 Issue13
March 31 - April 5, 2005

On Our Cover:
Our Lead Story
Chasers ~ No virtual reality can take the place of seeing an eclipse, feeling the wind from an F5 tornado or collecting data from 40,000 feet above a hurricane’s eye. story by Debra George Siedt


This Weeks Top Stories
Warming to an Alternative Fuel … The Sun
Poetry Loves Company
In Praise of Folly
Dr. Frank Gouin’s Bay Gardene
Way Downstream,

Spring Renewal Remedies For Chesapeake Country

Letters to the Editor
Save the Turn Signal
Twin Beach in Search of More Players
Shears without Tears Thanks to Bay Gardener
No Paper, No Election
Iowa Fifth Grader Seeks Souvenirs

Bay Reflections
Thanks to One and All

Bill Burton on the Bay
Farewell Misty, of Assateague no longer

Earth Journal
Blood root is tonic for spring fever; by Gary Pendleton

Earth Talk
Household Chemicals Are Something to Sneeze At

Music Scene
The First Sounds of Spring
Annapolis Chorale voices blossom with the season

Guess Who – Jonathan Parker