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Volume 13, Issue 38 ~ September 22 - 28, 2005


Home is Where the Heart is
What the Houses of Chesapeake Country say about who we are; by Scott Sowers

Chesapeake Rodeo
Boat-docking shows who’s quickest on the Bay; by Alison G. Norville

Local Indie Movie Plays Pasadena
With 21 Eyes, former Homicide director gets a new ball rolling; by Mark Burns

Way Downstream ~
A quarter of Maryland farmers still don’t play by the rules for cleaning up the Bay … Former president Jimmy Carter says that contrary to Maryland practice, fair elections need a paper trail … Maryland sends 400 official volunteers to help out after Katrina, brings back 3,433 people … the Justice Department appears to be gathering evidence trying to blame environmental advocates for flooding in New Orleans after levees breached … plus last but not least, this week’s Creature Feature: At least in South Africa, giant pythons show a motherly side.


Editorial Letters to the Editor Bay Reflections

~ 21st century hurricanes pack a worse wallop

Dr. Gouin’s Bay Gardener
~ Beat back weeds with your lawn mower

Bill Burton ~ Afishing we will go

Tidelog® Sky Watch ~ Equal nights: Equinox has long been more than a celestial event marking the changing seasons; by J. Alex Knoll

8 Days a Week ~ Bay Weekly’s guide to good times; by Carrie Steele

Music Notes

Music Scene

Curtain Call

Flickerings ~ Parker on Just Like Heaven: “It’s the fun details, whether in the dialogue, the plot or the interaction of the characters that sets a good romantic comedy apart. No such luck here.”

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