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Volume 13, Issue 49 ~ December 8 - December 14, 2005

Local Bounty
An Indispensable Guide to
Holidays on the Bay


Tally Ho! ~The Know-Nothing’s Guide to the Dos and Don’ts of Fox Chasing

Hunt clubs are more inclusive than popular opinion would have it: It’s a sport of middle-class people who can afford a horse. by Mark Burns

A Nutcracker Dream Come True ~ On the Job with Ballet Mistress Abigail Francisco; by Diane Burr

Crop of the Month: Christmas Trees ~ Bob Scrivener’s tobacco land evolved from roll-your-own to cut-your-own; by Carrie Steele

Way Downstream ~ Endorsement by Emily’s List puts money behind State Sen. Paula Hollinger for Congress in District 3 … Atlantic blue crabs can hold their own in a crab fight … Coming to your pantry, Maryland grown popcorn and soynuts … Santa Baby, please bring Neiman Marcus shoppers nice new Lexus GS 450 hybrids … Plus, last but not least, this week’s Creature Feature: Found in Borneo, a new kind of cat: the cat-fox.


Editorial • Letters to the Editor • Reflection

EarthTalk ~ Is Global Warming Breaking up the World’s Big Ice?

Dr. Gouin’s Bay Gardener ~ The Ideal Christmas Plant

Bill Burton ~ Debating the Bear Hunt

Tidelog® Sky Watch ~ Cold Nights Provide Dazzling Sights; by J. Alex Knoll

8 Days a Week ~ Bay Weekly’s guide to good times; by Carrie Steele

Music Notes

Flickerings ~ Parker on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: “A serviceable film long on effects and short on intrigue.” Plus Aeon Flux; The Chronicles Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; Syriana

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