Volume 13 Issue 9
March 3 - 9, 2005

On Our Cover:
Our Lead Story
Policies and Politics The 90-Day Romp
From January through April, the Maryland General Assembly considers some 2,300 bills …
Here are seven that could change your life
by Debra George Siedt


Decision Time For Gambling in Maryland

Letters to the Editor
Bill Burton Tells the Whole Story
Freedom from Smoke is a Civil Right
Don’t Miss Footworks
Department of Corrections

Dock of the Bay
Art Builds Better Neighborhoods
The Bay Gardener
Way Downstream

Bay Reflections
With This Snow, I’ve Seen Enough of Two-Faced Winter

Bill Burton on the Bay
There Ought to be a Law …

Earth Journal
Woody the Woodpecker’s Original

Earth Talk
Couch Potatoes Beware