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Volume 14, Issue 25 ~ June 22 - June 28, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Reprising the Herd of Elephants

Dear Bay Weekly:

While generally informative and well written, Sandra Martin’s article regarding the Republican primary field for county executive [Tracking the Herd of Elephants: Vol. xiv. No. 20: May 18] contained certain inaccuracies.

Del. John Leopold did not study Chinese in graduate school in Hawaii but rather at Seaton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, and at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He taught Mandarin Chinese at a private school in Honolulu.

Phillip Bissett did not “lose as many races as he’s won.” In fact, Mr. Bissett has lost three of four races, winning only in 1994, a big GOP year across the country. Leopold has won five out of six races in Maryland and four out of six in Hawaii.

Finally, Ms. Martin writes that “Leopold’s face ought to be the most familiar in the race, though many say it is not.” This statement flies in the face of two professional polls that indicate Del. Leopold’s name recognition county-wide is 84 percent, the highest of any GOP candidate in the race for county executive. These polls also show Leopold as the clear frontrunner in the race.

While professional polls are only a snapshot at a fixed point in time, past election results are indisputable. In the 2002 general election, Leopold led the ticket in his legislative district by over 8,000 votes, while Mr. Bissett lost his legislative seat in his own district in the 1998 general election, losing to delegates Michael Busch and Virginia Clagett by over 5,000 votes. This election record speaks for itself.

—Scott W. Reed, Annapolis: Member, Leopold Steering Committee

Editor’s note: We count Phil Bissett’s win in the 2002 Republican primary for county executive as a victory.

Department of Corrections

Way 5 of Bay Weekly’s 101 Ways to Have Fun erred.

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