Volume 14, Issue 30 ~ July 27 - August 2, 2006

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A Tale of Two Writers and One Would-Be Writer

Win a Maryland Arts Council award and you get validation, motivation, confirmation — and a few other tions that I’m probably missing. by Matt Makowski

Can the Professor Analyze His Way to Congress?

Conversations with Allan Lichtman. by Sandra Olivetti Martin

A Feast for the Multitudes

Three months’ work disappears in three hours at Calvert’s Cancer Gala. by Carrie Steele

Way Downstream ~ Poplar Island to grow $256 million and 575 acres bigger in dredge spoils • Development fertilizes grassroots in Lothian • Maryland military evades the Flush Tax as rains send a million gallons of partially treated sewage from Aberdeen Proving Ground into Chesapeake Bay • Blackwater Resort, abutting Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, downsized from 3,200 to 2,700 homes • And in Israel, creatures in the Haifa Zoo take refuge in bomb shelters from Hezbollah rockets.


Editorial • Reflection • Letters to the Editor

Dr. Gouin’s Bay Gardener ~ Start Now to Eat Well in Autumn: Cool-weather coles thrive with a head start in summer.

Bill Burton ~ In Defense of a Straight Shooter: Should Schaefer’s bluntness cost him his job?

Gunk-Holin’ ~ Mill Creek Bight: You can have the best of two worlds from this tidy anchorage on the Lower Patuxent. by Alice Snively

Earthtalk ~ Whatever Happened to Electric Cars? Hybrids are on the road, electrics in the labs.

The Sporting Life ~ Jackpot at No-Name Creek: You just can’t figure that ole crab. by Dennis Doyle

Tidelog® Sky Watch ~ Blazing Cosmic Flotsam: It’s not a pyrotechnic bonanza, but July’s Southern Delta Aquarids put on a show. by J. Alex Knoll

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