Volume 16, Issue 29 - July 17 - July 23, 2008

The Joy of Eating Locally
My husband and I sat down to a delicious dinner of roast chicken, red potatoes tossed with rosemary, and zucchini sautéed with onion. Dessert was peach crisp. Other than a little olive oil, flour, butter and spices, everything on our plates was produced no more than 10 miles from our home in Calvert County. This wasn’t by chance. I am on a mission, determined to do what I can to change the way we eat — and live.
by Margaret Tearman

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A Week of Shopping Locally
Vigorous freshness you can’t find in your supermarket comes straight from the land at Chesapeake Country farmers’ markets.
by Diana Beechener, Jane Elkin, Carrie Madren, Sandra Olivetti Martin, Erica Stratton and Margaret Tearman
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Getting Around:
Stories on the Move

“Sometimes I don’t drive the truck for two or three weeks,” says Bill Moweuy from astride his motor scooter.
by Erica Stratton
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Waste Not Want Not
At the 6pm closing of the Deale Farmers’ Market, Gail Wilkerson had sold out of corn, tomatoes and cabbage. About all she had left was one vase of zinnias and three nearly full bushel baskets, one of cucumbers, one of yellow squash and one of zucchini. What does she do with them?
by Ying Wang
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What's Inside

Letters to the Editor

Beneath These Cameras,
Don’t Be Too Candid

Bay Reflections
by Ying Wang
Fresh, never frozen: A Chinese view on shopping local.

Earth Talk
Is your TV an energy hog? Plasmas gobble five times the energy of CRTs.

Curtain Call
reviewed by Davina Grace Hill
Delightful writing, interesting themes, some great acting and new playwrights are yours to discover in Colonial Players’ nine one-act plays.

News of the Weird
by Chuck Shepherd

Free Will Astrology
by Rob Brezsny

Bill Burton
The right stuff: Has the good life spoiled us?

Sporting Life
by Dennis Doyle
The Deadliest Technique
Live-lining scores stripers.

Sky Watch
by J. Alex Knoll
Thunder in the sky: July’s full moon and Arcturus in the west foretell storms.


2008 Home & Garden Guide

2008 Bay Weekly Dining Guide

The Bay Gardener
by Dr. Frank Gouin
From horse to garden: You’ve got to compost horse manure before it’s anything but trouble .

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Movie Reviews
Jonathan Parker on Journey to the Center of the Earth: Without 3-D, this would be just another dimwitted adventure movie, but with it this becomes an almost-campy prehistoric romp.

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