Volume 16, Issue 32 - August 7 - August 13, 2008

Having a Ball Freezing Out the Recession
The recipe is simple: A little crushed ice, a few squirts of syrup and a spoon. Yet cars squeeze into gravel lots alongside clapboard shacks to line up for summer’s most satisfying treat. Call it a snoball or a snocone, the icy dessert, with a kaleidoscope of tastes and colors, is a practical and effective way to keep cool without breaking the bank — though you may have to burn some gas looking for yours.
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Curtain Call
previewed by Jane Elkin
The King and the Bard are rocking and rolling in their graves with Annapolis Summer Garden Theater’s All Shook Up.
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Getting Around:
Stories on the Move

Biking is “more fun” than driving, says John Olin, who pedaled from Baltimore to Annapolis for a milkshake at Chick-n-Ruth’s Delly.
by Erica Stratton
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Bay Weekly's 101
Way's To Have Fun on the Bay

What's Inside

Letters to the Editor

Beneath These Cameras,
Don’t Be Too Candid

Bay Reflections
by Valerie Lester
Confessions of a shower slut: How I stripped and showered through the neighborhood.

Earth Talk
The scoop on plastics: Risk ratings from
No. 1 to No. 7.

Curtain Call
previewed by Jane Elkin
Annapolis’ newest theater company, Standing O Productions, pulled out of the station with an express to fun On the Twentieth Century, an award-winning musical that’s been forgotten since leaving Broadway 30 years ago.

Dock of the Bay
Maryland’s champion white oak grows in Anne Arundel • Can grass-roots politicos teach the big boys a lesson in time?.

News of the Weird
by Chuck Shepherd

Free Will Astrology
by Rob Brezsny

Bill Burton
You’re only old once: And now it’s my turn (but yours will come).

Sporting Life
by Dennis Doyle
It doesn’t always come easy: Even a hard day’s fishing will still put a smile on your face.

Sky Watch
by J. Alex Knoll
A midsummer night’s treat: The moon bows out in time for this year’s Perseid meteor shower.


2008 Home & Garden Guide

2008 Bay Weekly Dining Guide

Where We Live
by Steve Carr
The Bay at night: For some, the Governor’s Cup is about winning; for me, it was about magic.

The Bay Gardener
by Dr. Frank Gouin
It’s azalea planting time: Get these acid-loving plants in the ground while their roots will have time to grow.

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Ten years separation left Mulder, David Duchovny, and Scully, Gillian Anderson, distant from their former roles and chemistry in X-Files: I Want to Believe.

Movie Reviews
Mark Burns on The X-Files: I Want to Believe: Glum Feebs and creepy dweebs mark this dull comeback.

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