Volume 16, Issue 35 - August 28 - September 3, 2008

Working for a Living
With the last days of summer looming large before us, the post-Labor Day working world can look as bleak as the last-minute beach traffic along Rt. 50. But all is not lost. The daily nine-to-five doesn’t have to be a chore. Nor does it have to be nine-to-five. ¶ Our roving reporters, who like their jobs very much, profile 14 workers, 12 by land and two by sea. From chimney sweep to rabbi to funeral director to harbormaster, Bay Weekly found a common thread: As long as you like what you’re doing, working for a living can be okay.
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Getting Around: Stories on the Move
Mid-afternoon on the second-to-last Sunday of the Beach Trolley’s season, eight of the nine riders were on board for the ride. The ninth was a commuter, returning from work in Chesapeake Beach.
by Sandra Olivetti Martin
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Happiness is a
Warm Blanket

Children and teens came to Camp Phoenix each grieving a death. Each left the East Johns Youth Center in Lusby with a new comforter, handmade by the Calvert and St. Mary’s County chapter of Project Linus.
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Bay Weekly's 101
Way's To Have Fun on the Bay

What's Inside

Letters to the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Earth Talk
Powered by sun: How to link your house to the source.

Curtain Call

News of the Weird
by Chuck Shepherd

Free Will Astrology
by Rob Brezsny


2008 Home & Garden Guide

2008 Bay Weekly Dining Guide

Bill Burton
One more reason to go fishing: $5,000 worth of fun at Deale’s Pro-Am Fishing Tournament.

Sporting Life
by Dennis Doyle
A sporting dog: There's no better partner.

Sky Watch
by J. Alex Knoll
No need to fear that ghostly glow: It’s only the zodiacal light.

The Bay Gardener
by Dr. Frank Gouin
Save your lilac from powdery mildew: The remedies are safe but painstaking.

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Steve Coogan and Skylar Astin in Hamlet 2.

Movie Reviews
Mark Burns on Hamlet 2: Rough around the edges, it gets points for freshness and originality. Besides, the humor scores big.

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