Volume 16, Issue 37 - September 11 - September 18, 2008

How Safe Are Our Skies?

On the Seventh Anniversary of 9/11, Acting Administrator of the FAA Bobby Sturgell answers that question and others in a Bay Weekly conversation.
by Sandra Olivetti Martin
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Getting Around:
Stories on the Move

When Liz and Larry Ulvila stop at a traffic light, people take photos of their Smart Car. At under nine feet long, the car is almost entirely a roomy front seat, though there’s room in the back for groceries.
by Erica Stratton
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Dock of the Bay

Raryland parks bag plastic • Charm City Cake adds $700 to Jefferson Patterson’s pot • Natural gas cuts a wide path • This week’s Creature Feature: Blanca’s nose knows.
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Curtain Call:
An Evening of
One-Act Comedies

These three shorts will leave you thinking about some pretty significant issues: politics, people and pets.
reviewed by Jane Elkin
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What's Inside

Letters to the Editor

Letter from the Editor
We’re All Links in the Chain

Earth Talk
How many gallons of toxins are under your sink? It’s up to you to make sure your home is not only clean but also non-toxic.

by Lynda Striegel
Five steps to financial survival: Here’s a path you can follow out of these hard times.

News of the Weird
by Chuck Shepherd

Free Will Astrology
by Rob Brezsny

2008 Home & Garden Guide

2008 Bay Weekly Dining Guide

Bill Burton
Politicians and cheese: Mostly, I like them both old and gray.

Sporting Life
by Dennis Doyle
A two-act play on the Bay: Rockfish followed by perch.

Sky Watch
by J. Alex Knoll
Night lights fleeting and steady: Setting planets give the Harvest Moon its due..

The Bay Gardener
by Dr. Frank Gouin
Green thumb — or all thumbs? Successful gardening is not in your thumb; it’s in your head.

Earth Journal
by Gary Pendleton
Goldenrod has its day: Like goldenrod, we thought there would be time.

Movie Reviews

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