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Volume 16, Issue 42 - October 16 - October 22, 2008
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A Scrapbook of Community

Remember a time when you used to know everyone and the waterfront was open? It was like that in days gone by — for many of us, in communities up and down the Bay. People interviewed by historian and writer Ginger Doyel remember how it was in one community in a new book, Over the Bridge, A History of Eastport at Annapolis, published by the Annapolis Maritime Museum.
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On the Job with Photographer Jackie Niles

Give Jackie Niles a season, and she’d ask for this one, for it is the season of ghosts. Her photographs are of a wishful past, some serene in their abandoned state, others haunting odes to a life long lost.
by Margaret Tearman
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Holland Point

Preserving the memories of another beach community.
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Eco-Day on Herring Bay

Take a nature walk, paint a rain barrel, dig in the sand for sharks’ teeth and fill up with wholesome treats. It’s one big organic happening at Herrington Harbour’s first annual Eco-Day, Sunday, October 19.
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Trial & Error

How to recycle molded foam packaging.
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What's Inside

Letters to the Editor

Letter from the Editor
Now’s Your Chance to Speak up for Oysters

Earth Talk
Oceans of trouble: The long arm of consequence has wet fingers.

Dock of the Bay
Committed to the Chesapeake — from here to eternity • How pedestrian- friendly is Annapolis Towne Centre at Parole?

by Jane Elkin
Easy money: How one historic city gambled and lost.

News of the Weird
by Chuck Shepherd

Free Will Astrology
by Rob Brezsny

2008 Home & Garden Guide

2008 Bay Weekly Dining Guide

Bill Burton
One man’s treasure: My many papers find a home in the Bill Burton Chesapeake Bay Research Area.

Sporting Life
by Dennis Doyle
A new lean green machine: My 2009 Shimano Curado 200E casting reel is small but mighty.

Sky Watch
by J. Alex Knoll
As the nights grow longer, our neighboring planets grow elusive.

The Bay Gardener
by Dr. Frank Gouin
Know your onions: Now’s the time to plant short-day onions.

Voyages of

by Lynn Teo Simarski
and Guy G. Guthridge
A condo-building boomlet in Crisfield holds wider lessons for Bay dwellers.

Movie Reviews

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Jonathan Parker on Body of Lies: Like a roller coaster, this one has ups and downs before its slow, torturous stop.

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