Volume XVII, Issue 36 # September 3 - September 9, 2009

Bill Burton: December 15, 1926 - August 10, 2009

Hear Bill Burton and see images of his life online in a four-minute slide show, “Bill Burton Remembered."

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This Week’s Features …

Diary of a Job Search

I’m a sophomore in the hard-knocks college of unemployment

It may take me longer than I expected to find my career, but the only way is to keep moving forward. I’ve got my life to put together and to live.

Back with the Tide

The Maryland Seafood Festival returns to promote the bounty of the Bay

The scent of Old Bay will once again waft over the waters of Sandy Point State Park, temporarily stalling the coming of winter with the prospect of one more summer feast.

The Toy Man

Play is Jeff Franklin’s work

Jeff Franklin is smiling. After a two-year retirement from the toy business, the founder of Be Beep Toys is back at play. He tried, but he couldn’t stay away. Making children happy is his life’s game.

Tools In Motion

From high-contrast black and white kodaliths by Ivan Chermayeff and Tool Box, a series of 10 silkscreen prints by Jim Dine, hardware magnate John Hechinger’s collection grew to more than 375 works by 250 artists, who were mostly his contemporaries..

Dock of the Bay

Keeping up with the Tred Avon: Now everybody wants to grow oysters … Gaming goes outdoors: A new videogame brings the great outdoors online … Elmo and Gordon fight Swine Flu: Catch their advice — not flu … Batter up at Under Armour: Three baseball pros take a swing at gaming … Our hapless neighbors: Coke seized in bust bust … Our Creature Feature: A rare catch on the Choptank.

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Where We Live

The Sting of Summer: Mosquitoes will win, but not without a struggle.

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