Volume XVII, Issue 39 # September 24 - September 30, 2009

Bill Burton: December 15, 1926 - August 10, 2009

Hear Bill Burton and see images of his life online in a four-minute slide show, “Bill Burton Remembered."

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No Easy Steps

Moving forward takes faith, friends and technology

When Jordan Wells — the sole survivor of last year’s medevac helicopter crash — spoke to a group called Amputees Helping Amputees, everybody cheered. But not everybody clapped. Not everyone has hands.

The Old Man's Legacy

60 dozen worms join 200 kids seeking fish on the new Bill Burton Pier

Bill Burton’s oft-stated philosophy was that the best way to ensure a bright future for Chesapeake Bay was to get kids involved. The Pasadena Sportfishing Group took Bill Burton’s words to heart and took a kid fishing . . . a couple hundred of them at their Kids’ Fishing Derby.

Oysters Are Winning

New Friends . . .

And influencing more people every day

The Southern Maryland Oyster Cultivation Society is focused on achieving critical mass creek by local creek.

Bay Reflections

Lessons in Life and Death

Wisdom from a loved and lost grandmother

Dock of the Bay

Trees may be priceless: But each one you plant can earn you $25 . . . Pet waste stations make B&A Trail safer to walk: And neighboring creeks cleaner . . . Pictures from home: Local photos bound to ease the homesick blues of deployed Calvert Countians . . . Our hapless neighbors: Feeling crabby . . . This Week’s Creature Feature: One loggerhead turtle back in her element.

The Informant!

“This might be one of those movies that’s gotten on the first trip and enjoyed on the second. Or it might just be weird. I’ll let you know.”

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