Volume XVII, Issue 41 # October 8 - October 14, 2009

Bill Burton: December 15, 1926 - August 10, 2009

Hear Bill Burton and see images of his life online in a four-minute slide show, “Bill Burton Remembered."

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Sailors Live in a Small World

But Naptown and New Zealand are worlds apart

Kiwis are as passionate
about sailing as Annapolitans,
but the scale is smaller. Given
the size of Annapolis, the city
has more than its fair share of
large and expensive yachts.
There isn’t a single town on New
Zealand’s South Island with a
comparable fleet.

The Fusion of Sail and Paddle

Feel what it’s like to be a leaf on the water

For a duck’s eye view of the water, nothing comes close to bobbing on the waves in a kayak, your whole body attuned to the slightest ripple, current or shift in the breeze. But when that breeze really starts to blow, wouldn’t it be nice to have a sail?

You can.

Dock of the Bay

Eco-Day at Herring Bay: Green solutions in a green setting ...

Find your way to fall fun: Southern Maryland at your fingertips ...

This week’s Creature Feature: The Buy-Local Bee-Local Buzz ...

The Captain and the Commodore

Robin Allison reminisces over her time captaining Walter Cronkite’s yacht

"He had the dedication and direction you’ve got to have to become a really good sailor. He was dedicated to making sure he was a Corinthian sailor, and he was.

“He was one of the most skilled, thorough, careful, experienced seamen I have ever had the pleasure to sail with — someone you would go anywhere with.”

Bay Theatre Company’s Sylvia: Best in Show

Sylvia is as much a commentary on marriage as it is on human-pet relationships. The people in Sylvia’s life are a midlife couple in stasis when he finds the stray dog Sylvia.

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