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Volume xviii, Issue 1 ~ January 7 - January 13, 2010

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This Week’s Feature . . .

We're Losing Our Minds

Time and our times assault us all, as testify two Bay Weekly writers, Dick Wilson, 77, and Diana Beechener, 26.

How Not to Lose Your Mind

When it comes to thebrain, it’s use it or lose it

Five ways to create new neural pathways and to help your brain stay plastic.

The Power of Heat

Looking for a workout that will burn off those holiday calories? Try sweating the pounds away with hot yoga.

Save a Tree; Use a Bidet

We flush 15 million trees down our toilets each year


by Dennis Doyle

Wing-Shooting for Beginners

Practice on clay pigeons, or the geese will outsmart you

If you’ve got to figure out what to do while you’re doing it, it’s already too late.

The Bay Gardener

by Dr. Frank Gouin

Seed Catalogs Are in Season

Tips on saving money and avoiding disappointments

Those pictures of flowers or vegetables appear outstanding, but don’t let those glossy pictures and tempting descriptions sway your buying

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Sky Watch

by J. Alex Knoll

The Planetary Parade

While the moon wanes, the planets shine

The sun sets after 5:00, revealing Jupiter high in the southeast, a steady golden glow brighter than any other object.

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It's Complicated

Middle-aged exes try rekindling through romantic subterfuge in this lightweight comedy.

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