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Volume xviii, Issue 14 ~ April 8 - April 14, 2010

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This Week’s Features . . .

Flying the Winds of Spring

Some of your neighbors take National Kite Month very seriously

Sporting Life

by Dennis Doyle

Perch love Maryland weather

And you don’t need a boat to catch them.

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Sky Watch

J. Alex Knoll

The celestial seasons

These stars are tell time like a torn-away calendar page.

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Clash of the Titans

Myth takes a backseat to adventure in this dull remake

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Bay Gardener

by Dr. Francis Gouin

Mending your coniferous trees and shrubs

The silver lining: You may get to start fresh.

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The Osprey Saga

There was domestic trouble in the Osprey world. Oliver took off in a huff and disappeared for a couple of days. Olivia waited, occasionally whistling for him to come home, but to no avail.

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How Did the Crocodile Die?

That’s the ancient mystery Calvert’s discoverer-scientist team has yet to unriddlem

Murder on the Bay

Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa takes a stab at bloody weekend entertainment

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