Osprey Winter Update

Dear Bay Weekly:

Greetings from an iced-in Charlotte. Typical winter mess down here. Snow, then rain, which all froze, so you can ice skate down our street.

All our [transmitter-tagged] osprey are down in much warmer places, and they’re all doing fine. I updated all the maps through the end of 2010. Just a couple of months before the adults head north!

There are quick links to the new maps for the youngsters (interesting movements by all, including our S.C. bird, Buck) on the Migration 2010 page: http://www.bioweb.uncc.edu/Bierregaard/migration10.htm

I’ve also included links to the newest maps for all the birds (scroll down to the list of all birds with links to maps and bios). Where I have indicated the latest updates, you can click to go to the newest maps.

On a related but non-osprey topic:

You may have heard of a satellite-tagged vulture found in Saudi Arabia being “charged” as an Israeli spy. It’s true. Happy ending: The vulture was released: http://bit.ly/g1876r

While we’ve never had an osprey accused of spying, we did have trouble getting a transmitter back from the Venezuelan military, which thought it was some sort of spy device.

Enjoy and stay warm.

–Rob Bierregaard, UNC-Charlotte; Twitter @ospreytrax