Party Animals

Calvert Marine Museum’s most popular residents, river otters Bubbles and Squeak, are throwing parties to subsidize their enriched lifestyle.
    The parties invite up to six guests over for breakfast. Bubbles and Squeak eat while guests look on and learn from estuarine biologist David Moyer. During breakfast, the otters paint, and after the party-goers collectively choose an authentic otter artwork that is clear-coated, named and authenticated.
    The party includes full museum visits for all guests. The total Otter Lovers Package costs $250.
    River otters are renowned for their sense of play; hence, caring and keeping these otters can be challenging.
    “One thing a facility like ours tries to do is make sure the animals never get bored, because bored mammals can be very destructive to their exhibits,” Moyer said. “Good mental health is an active part of our animal care program.”
    The otter painting sessions are one way to shake up the otters’ daily routine.
    “Conducting this activity on a limited basis increases its usefulness as part of the enrichment program, which is why we are only offering a few of these per year,” Moyer said.
    In other words, the parties are exclusive.
    Book your Otter Lovers Package: 410-326-2042 x33; email [email protected]