PETA Says No SeaWorld

Dear Bay Weekly:

Federal officials have determined that SeaWorld is at fault in the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau and issued citations for three safety violations, including one for willfully exposing employees to life-threatening hazards. A willful violation is defined as one committed with plain indifference to or intentional disregard for employee safety and health. SeaWorld was fined $75,000.

SeaWorld should take Brancheau’s death as the wake-up call it is and immediately begin transitioning all the orcas to coastal sanctuaries, where they can be rehabilitated for eventual release back into their rightful ocean home. Protected sea pens would allow greater freedom of movement; the ability to see, sense, and communicate with wild orcas and other ocean animals and to feel the tides and waves.

SeaWorld can seize the opportunity to abolish the cramped tanks that deprive orcas of their most fundamental needs and eliminate the inevitable injuries and deaths of human beings that result from this despicable exploitation and disrespect for the lives of wild animals. Visit to learn more.

–Jennifer O’Connor: PETA Foundation, Norfolk