Pigs, Pearls and Pirates

     Spring is with us, and thus a very busy weekend awaits. We know where we will be spending Saturday afternoon.

     Find us gobbling locally harvested oysters, freshly shucked or roasted, and pulled pork barbecue with baked beans, mac and cheese and homemade cornbread. It’s the annual Pigs & Pearls event that draws us back to the scenic West River for good times.

      Pigs & Pearls is “a way to give back to the Bay as well as mark the opening of the dock bar,” says Anthony Clarke, co-owner of the Irish Restaurant Company, which includes Pirates Cove.

     This enjoyable start to the dock bar season supports the Bountiful Backpacks Project. The Rotary Club of South Anne Arundel County — with Clarke a former president — fills backpacks with food for students to take home for their families. 

     “It’s a great cause that we wanted to help out with,” says Clarke.

     You can help, too, by heading to Galesville Saturday. Enjoy music by That West River Band as you eat, mingle and take photos with the Pigs & Pearls pig as we welcome warmer weather back to Chesapeake Country.


Sa April 27, 2-6pm, Pirates Cove Dock Bar, 4817 Riverside Dr., Galesville, $45 w/discounts, rsvp: 410-867-2300.