Reader Letters

To the Staff of Calvert Library 

The Board of Library Trustees unanimously sends you this note of thanks and our hopes that you will have a Holiday Season rich with blessings.  

We are filled with awe and appreciation for all you’ve done for the people of our County.  Despite great challenges, you’ve proved – if there was ever any doubt – that, in Calvert County, librarians are essential “first responders.”  Physical safety is critical, but perhaps even more so is a sense that the important aspects of life remain in place and solid.  Because of you, thousands of children, parents and individuals have known that a key part of their lives, the Library, has been there for them.  And not just available but wonderfully enhanced due to your creativity and dedication. 

As we celebrate in our different ways this Season, we will include in our thoughts a celebration of you as well. 

–The Trustees of Calvert Library