Real Men Wear Pink

      Dave Rosage, wore enough pink last year to raise $3,000 for the American Cancer Society. But that wasn’t enough to knock local businessman Jim Weaver out of first place in the Real Men Wear Pink competition. Weaver raised $16,000 and won a custom-made suit in recognition.

         This year will be different vows Rosage, the general manager of Skipper’s Pier restaurant in Deale.

         He’s banking on a steamy proposition to rake in the dollars. Enter the Real Men Wear Pink calendar.

         Rosage has persuaded 11 male friends to don pink accessories and pose for a wall calendar sure to leave recipients tickled pink. Already lined up are a power washer, a firefighter, a construction worker, a farmer, a fisher­man … “I’ve got all the angles covered,” Rosage said.

         “Each month will have a theme. For instance, since I was born on July 4, I will be Mr. July. I’ll be wearing a pink bowtie, and possibly not much else,” teases Rosage.

         “I think it’s going to be a great Christmas gift and a lot of fun for our community. I don’t think I will match Jim Weaver’s fundraising, but I’m a scrappy little entrepreneur, and I believe that self-deprecating humor is the best kind. It’s all for a good cause. Everyone has someone who has been affected by cancer.”

         Rosage’s 12 months of “real” men also features Southern Anne Arundel County beverage guru and good friend Richie Nieman. “I made him Mr. October. He deserves the most important month for breast cancer awareness. He believes in the cause every bit as much as we do.”

         Dave and Jessica Rosage got involved in the American Cancer Society after a beloved server at their restaurant was diagnosed with cancer. “It really hurt our team and shook us all. We knew we had to do something.”

         In addition to the calendar, Rosage is hosting Corks for a Cause October 17 at the restaurant, plus selling T-shirts and raffle tickets.

         Rosage is just one of 11 Anne Arundel men fundraising this month, each wearing pink every day and coming up with new ways to earn donations. Rounding out the roster, in addition to Rosage and Weaver, are: Jack Walsh of Arundel High School; Rick Hennen of First County Mortgage; Richard Petty of RS Petty Consulting; Doug Butschky of Level 10 Business Solutions; Brian Riddle of Homestead Gardens; Fred Goodson of Greene ­Turtle; Joe Miller for Mathnasium; Mohan Grover of Renno’s Market; and Rob Harris of Broadneck High School.