Root Angel Grants Hair Color Wishes and Collects for Local Charity

Brian Washburn, artistic director at Robert Andrew, hands out kits dressed as the Root Angel

Spotted rearing its ugly head in quarantine homes everywhere: the dreaded root grow-out.  

Suddenly, blondes are sporting something stranger than a face mask.  

A wide line of dark hair — getting wider by the day — at the top of golden strands.  

Redheads now have halos of brunette at the crown of their heads. And those who are secretly gray? It’s not a secret anymore. 

Desperate salon clients are searching for ways to color their new hair growth while salons and spas remain closed to most.   

One Gambrills salon is helping clients color hair safely in their own homes while supporting an Annapolis charity. 

The Robert Andrew Collection of Salons and Spas gave away free hair color to the first 300 customers to contact them requesting a root color kit.   

There was no charge for the kits, but clients were asked to make a donation to The Light House in Annapolis, a homeless prevention support center. 

Clients — those with color info on file at the salon and who had seen their stylist within the last 12 weeks — were able to email the salon for a chance to receive a free root coloring kit. 

Each kit contains everything needed for an at-home color fix, as well as instructions. 

“We had more than 400 people respond,” says Felicia Francis, director of operations for Robert Andrew.  

Winners of one of the coveted kits pulled up curbside at the salon during their designated pick-up time and were greeted by the Root Angel, also known as Brian Washburn, artistic director for the salon. 

Washburn collected donations for The Light House in a fishbowl and handed out the color kits. 

“He’s passionate about what he does,” Francis says. 

The recommended donation was $20, but the salon encouraged clients to be generous and were not disappointed. 

“We’ve raised over $1200 and we still have two more pick-up days scheduled,” Francis says.