Sucked into Battle

The  war between pets and vacuum cleaners is long-standing and seemingly inexplicable. Maybe it’s the noise. Maybe it’s the aggressive suction coupled with a rolling machine. Maybe pets just don’t like clean carpets.

Eureka Vacuums, however, sought an armistice between their cleaners and your furry friends, inviting pet owners around the country to enter Fido’s Fight or Flight contest with videos of their pets reactions to the vacuum.

The contest promoted Eureka’s new Pet Pal vacuum. The name is deceiving. It won’t befriend your animal,  but it does offer a state-of-the-art hair- and dander-removal system.

Eureka chose five finalists in the 30-second videos of pets either fleeing or fighting vacuums — all dog vs. vacuum — for web browsers to vote on.

Competition was fierce, but Lothian boxer Juanky Gamarra’s pugilistic attitude set him apart. Juanky sniffed, bit and barked at his opponent, even attempting flanking attacks when the vacuum refused to succumb to his intimidation techniques.

Thanks to his brave efforts, Juanky’s owner Melanie Gamarra won a $250 Walmart gift certificate and a Eureka Pet Pal vacuum — which Juanky probably sees as a new combatant.

To see Juanky’s charge or the other four finalists’ brave stand against the vacuum: