The Zu We Knew

There’s more to life than a great cup of coffee, but not much. Zu Brew was the proof. 

I suppose we must credit the relentless Starbucks pandemic for heightening our awareness of what coffee could be. Once the “charbucks” ritual was unleashed, it became imperative to some of us to take the pursuit of the ultimate cup as far as it would go. And where I went, after exploring all options, was this discreet, one-location roaster conveniently housed in a former drive-thru bank next to a liquor store, a pet shop, and the Giant Food spread in Eastport on my way to and from everywhere. 

The essential difference was that Zu was proudly local with beans roasted onsite, pastries and treats from local bakers, Bay Weekly on the rack, and handmade-in-Annapolis greeting cards to buy at the register, just in time. 

My car seemed to know the way to Zu, and the steering wheel would pull slightly to the right or left depending on whether I was going out or back.  

There I could count on the hearty aroma of the daily roast, perky smiles from the loveable Zu team, perfect beans ground for my French press, a large mocha latte to provide the day’s promise of achievement, and a measure of defiance and civility against an otherwise barbaric world. 

We’ll miss you very much, because it’s a Zu out there. 

–Joe Evans,  
Editor-in-Chief (and office coffee guru) 
Chesapeake Bay Magazine