This Week’s Creature Feature: Bad Dog!

The Postal Service is sick and tired of dogs monitoring the mail. Last year 5,669 postal workers were attacked by dogs in 1,400 cities throughout the U.S.
    The problem is bigger than puppies going postal.
    Each year dogs take a bite out of 4.7 million non-postal Americans, most of whom are children. The problems range from pets not properly contained to over-anxious watchdogs.
    The threat is out there among us, with Baltimore ranking as the city with the 11th highest rate of dog attacks. Washington, D.C., ranked 21.
    This year, the Postal Service bites back, joining with the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to promote Dog Bite Prevention Week May 15 thru 21.
    The week is dedicated to teaching children and adults how to avoid a toothy confrontation while educating pet owners on avoiding disaster. So what should you do if a dog starts to snarl?
    Don’t run, as dogs love a chase.
    Avoid eye contact, making high-pitched noises and sudden movements.
    Don’t pet strange dogs without asking the owner’s permission.
    Never approach a strange dog.
    For more on preventing dog attacks: