Twin Beach Players’ Frankenstein

Twin Beach Players works Gothic magic recreating Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in North Beach Boys and Girls Club’s gymnasium. On opening night, the 14-year-old community company sent a full house back in time to 1816, into Dr. Frankenstein’s madness and Arctic ice.
    From the front row, I watched every detail, biting my nails. I’d have none were it not for Tyschka’s hilarious Grandmother, a welcome relief from the sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat dramatics and horror.
    Mark Scharf’s original script is set to Marylander Bob Snider’s original music. The language is formal, music dark and morose. Professional make-up artist Skip Smith created the monster. (Read last week’s story on Smith at
    Actors lurk behind three dark, netted screens that resemble a Catholic church’s confessional booth and work double-time as the graveyard, a backdrop both effective and believable.
    Dr. Frankenstein’s creation — the Creature — rules the show, played with dramatic body language by Tom Wines. Mournful and larger than life, the uncontrollable fiend reinforces Shelley’s theme that man playing God makes trouble.

Playing thru Nov. 4: Th-Sa at 8pm; Su at 2pm at North Beach Boys & Girls Club. $12 w/discounts: 410-286-1890: