Watch for Turtles

Dear Editor, 

Please remind your readers that it’s turtle crossing season again. Time to be mindful when driving and keep an eye out for them. Stop and send them on the way of their travel. Please don’t take them home; they have a limited territory. Please allow them to continue to live in it. 

On Memorial Day while traveling on Rt. 2, before we could stop to save him, a turtle was hit by the truck behind us. Tears were shed as his broken shell was moved off the road. So senseless. 

–Peggy Traband, Deale 

Editor’s Note: The Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society offers guidelines on what to do if you see a turtle on or near a busy road. If it’s safe to pull over, help the animal across the road in the same direction that they were headed. Even pulling over with hazard lights on can alert the drivers behind you to slow down. 

For more info from the Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society, go to