Welcome to the New Bay Weekly

     At the dawn of a new decade, Bay Weekly begins anew. On January 1, Chesapeake Bay Media (CBM) took ownership of this esteemed weekly paper—the pulse of Anne Arundel and Calvert Counties. 

     When the close-knit family who created Bay Weekly decided to close the doors after almost 27 years, we at CBM felt we could breathe new life into the beloved tradition they built over the decades, keeping the community feel that readers value. 

     Here at CBM—the small, Eastport-based media company that produces Chesapeake Bay Magazine, the BAY BULLETIN online news site, and a host of Bay-region boating and community guides—we don’t just write about the Chesapeake Bay lifestyle. We live it, and we love it.

     Within our staff, you’ll find deep ties to this area. There are folks raising their children in Anne Arundel County, and they enjoy the family-friendly happenings highlighted in Bay Weekly’s comprehensive events calendar. You’ll find an angler, a sailboat racer, a tall ship’s former deckhand. Some of us grew up boating in these parts, spending summers in local anchorages the way some families spend summers at the beach. We remember hunting for sharks’ teeth at Calvert Cliffs, and waterskiing out of Solomons.

     Inside our walls you’ll hear debates over the right way to pick a crab. In the office kitchen, we taste-test seafood spices and try out lesser-known Bay food traditions. We celebrate the culture and lifestyle of this unique region we call home.

     As of this week, you’ll also find the Bay Weekly staff you’ve come to count on. They may have moved two and a half miles east to join our office, but they’re still driving the spirit of the paper. Bay Weekly will continue to curate interesting, local events, tell the stories of standout community members and highlight the special qualities that make us proud to live in Maryland.

     CBM brings hefty resources to the paper, and we’re excited to expand Bay Weekly’s local news coverage with the addition of BAY BULLETIN. We cover the breaking Chesapeake Bay news that matters to the people who live, work and play here. Look for hyperlocal content alongside reports on issues that impact the entire Chesapeake watershed. (You can get late-breaking BAY BULLETIN stories, free to your email inbox, by signing up at chesapeakebaymagazine.com).

      Make no mistake, readers: Bay Weekly remains your community paper. We’re committed to staying local, and we can’t wait to continue getting to know you. Please keep sending your story ideas and feedback to [email protected]

     As Sandra Olivetti Martin, Alex Knoll, and Bill Lambrecht take their places of honor as editors emeritus, we’re proud to carry Bay Weekly into a new decade. Thanks for coming along. 


— Meg Walburn Viviano, 

CBM News Director