What a Not-So-Old Bay Weekly Intern is Up To

Dear Bay Weekly:

This lipdub, as it’s called, was done by over 400 Emerson College students. Daniel Manning [Bay Weekly 2010 Calverton High School intern] is not a main character, but he managed to be in a fairly visible place, at 2:54.

The video was posted on December 9; as of December 11, it had already received almost 46,000 hits. This many hits tells me that this is a new genre that people will copy; you’ve heard it here.

The lipdub made me want to go to the school myself, and there was concurrence amongst my colleagues at Calverton.

As can be noted, Daniel has not shaved since September. With the yellow jacket I’m sure he’s considering trying out as the new Gorton’s fisherman.

See for yourself at http://


–Liz Manning, St. Leonard


Editor’s note: Daniel Manning is a freshman at Emerson College in Boston, majoring in Visual and Media Arts. His mother, Latin teacher at his alma mater, sends this update. By publication, the number of hits was closing on a million. A lipdub, by the way, is a new performance and video art form fusing lipsynching with the original audio.