What an Old Intern’s Up To

Dear Bay Weekly:

After my spring, 2009, internship at Bay Weekly, wanted to update you on my continuing post-retirement quest to keep myself off the streets of Annapolis and out of trouble.

After my work as a Legacy Leadership program volunteer through the legislative session with Del. Mary Ann Love, I went back the next year and worked for Mary Christine Jackman, who is the investments manager in the Treasury. This was an extended stay and my responsibility was to reconcile some 14,000 paper records of 1990 and 1991 minibonds against a database.

I found that I enjoyed the volunteer experiences so much that I also got involved in assisting with the selection and training of new classes Legacy Leadership. This I have been doing for two years. As part of the orientation, each new class member gets a copy of “Getting Cozy With Political Animals,” the story I wrote for Bay Weekly on my first session as a Legacy Leadership volunteer at the Statehouse.

Next Monday evening, I am presenting myself to the County Council for a position on the Board of Appeals. I guess the attraction is that this is so far removed from my past career as a senior engineer at Northrop Grumman.

Hope things are going well with Bay Weekly. I try to keep up with the weekly issues. I have stayed away from writing. You taught me how hard it is to do it correctly so I will stick to creative emails.

P.S. My black lab Leo passed away after 13 years, and last year I replaced him with LJ (Leo Jr.), a black goldendoodle who has become my first mate. 

–Grant Zeigenfuse, Annapolis