Winnie the Pooh

Since Walt Disney last visited the Hundred Acre Woods, animation has seen the advent of 3D, computer rendering and gross-out humor. This no-frills revisit to the classic story of Winnie the Pooh is a return to hand-drawn animation.
    The story is so simple that even the youngest can play along: While on a search for a replacement tail for Eeyore, Pooh discovers a note from Christopher Robin. Soon Pooh and the rest of the Hundred Acre Woods crowd become convinced that their beloved boy has been abducted by a creature called a Backson. They organize a search party, and gently humorous antics ensue.  
    Though the plot may not be the stuff of legends, it’s sweetly nostalgic enough to capture the adults and funny enough to keep the little ones giggling. There’s something comforting in the simplicity of story, in knowing that Tigger will always bounce, Pooh will always search for honey and Eeyore will always fret.
    Watch this trifle of a film to be transported back to childhood. It’s the cinematic equivalent of a bedtime cup of warm milk with a cookie.

Great Animation • G • 69 mins.