Your Say: Dec. 7-13

Full Circle on Missing Birds

     I cannot believe the various responses regarding the plight of our birds. We still have a lack of participation, even with the woodpeckers. The squirrels are loving life. Thinking about roadkill to attract the eagles.

     Thanks Bay Weekly for providing this forum

–Mike Stewart, Deale

Thanks to a Generous Community

      We’d like to give a huge shout out to the incredible generosity of our community. On Friday November 17, Greenstreet Gardens hosted its annual Twilight Open House to benefit the Captain Avery Museum. The response was amazing, setting a record with more than 600 in attendance.

      The over-the-top contributions by our donors made this lovely event possible. These local restaurants, caterers, breweries and wineries went way above and beyond to donate their best tastes and sips for around 250 people. When the crowd continued to grow, they all jumped on the phone and in their cars to replenish their offerings, making sure there was plenty of delicious food and beverages for everyone.

      The next day, we received numerous phone calls from guests, thanking us — and these donors — for a “great party.” Money was raised for a terrific local museum, and a good time was had by all.

     We are so very proud to be a part of such an awesome community that took the spirit of giving to a new level. What a wonderful way to kick off this holiday season.

–Ray & Stacy Greenstreet, Greenstreet Gardens, Lothian 


      Volunteers at The Caring Collection were misidentified in the photo (below) illustrating the Nov. 23 story Charity Begins at Home. 

        They are Joyce Del Borrello and Marie King, not founder Bobbie Burnett and volunteer and story author Marion Kay. 

      Betty Briscoe, founder of the Calvert Garden Club, was married to Dr. Everard Briscoe, not Phil Briscoe. The error appeared in Greening the Courthouse Square, a section of the feature The Pageants of Christmas in the issue of Nov. 30.