Your Say: Feb. 7-13, 2019

Help Local Pharmacies Survive

        The survival of small independent pharmacies is very important to their communities. The small independent pharmacy provides free counseling to their customers, participates in local community activities and affairs, helping their local fire department, schools and other organizations.

       Now many local pharmacies will be forced to close their doors due to unfair reimbursement from medical insurance that favors bigger box pharmacies.

        We need your help to let our senators know that this is an issue that their voters care about. Please see full details and sign the petition at 

–Surinder Singal, Owner: Deale Pharmacy


Where Are All Those Gulls Going?

      When we are in the area, we faithfully read your paper and enjoy the articles, calendar and especially the advertising for restaurants.

      We live on our sailboat when we are in the area and enjoy watching the wildlife near and above our boat near Herrington Harbour North.

      For the last few weeks and many other times, we have noticed large numbers of seagulls flying silently from the Bay heading west in the morning at about dawn and returning in the evening at dusk. The evening of Monday, January 28, we observed thousands of gulls heading west to east over Herrington North out to the Bay. Not a sound from the gulls, with about 50 percent in what could be called a V-formation. The groups of gulls numbered 30 to 100. This went on for about an hour.

      Questions: Where are they coming from and where are they going? I am sure every local knows the answers, but we could not find any on the internet.

      Since your publication knows everything about the Bay, could you please explain this phenomenon?

      Thank you for your publication and all the info you provide.

–Joy and Walt Kass, Tracys Landing


Editor’s request: Help us keep our reputation with the Kasses. If you know the answer, share it with me. I promise you’ll get credit, too. Email [email protected]