Your Say: Jan. 18-24. 2018

Praise for Owensville Primary Care

RE: Health Care for All: Rich or poor, Owensville ­Primary Care turns no one away: Jan. 11, 2018,

        We really enjoyed your article on Owensville Primary Care. As near neighbors since the 1980s, we’ve watched it grow into an even more valuable asset for Southern Anne Arundel County. In fact, wife Verna was one of the active board members who talked Sylvia Jennings into leaving the comforts of government for this mission. Sylvia did a wonderful job. A solid team seems to be in place.

        Again, thanks for the fine writing.

–Dave Banner, West River

Our Future Is Solar

        Things are changing, and our challenges are big.

        In TIME magazine, I read that 16 megaships produce more pollution than all the cars on the planet. That is 16 vs. 750 million. Those ships are part of the transportation system that is necessary to supply the energy required to run the world that we all try to live, love and prosper in.

       The problem is that we have a planet that is heating up, threatening our very survival.

       We must make it a mission to change our ways of producing energy.

       Issues like oil spills, battles over pipelines, exploding oil trains and drilling platforms, earthquakes around fracking and wars over the control of oil make it clear we need another way to power our world. The answer to our future is going solar. 

       My grandson spent his college break cleaning solar panels on the shopping malls and big box stores in the Annapolis area. He told me that there are thousands of solar panels that can’t be seen from parking lots. The commercial world is leading the movement to clean solar and reducing their cost. When I drive around, I see that more homeowners are going solar, too.

        Solar is what America is all about: freedom, independence and hope. Solar is not controlled by mega-companies, can’t be hacked, will last for many years and may make it possible for the retired to stay in the homes they love.

      I envision a three-step process. First, install the solar panels. Then add the battery backup. Finally, purchase an electric car.

      When millions of families install solar and the utilities build megawatt solar farms, America can produce aluminum cheaply, produce American-made steel using electrolysis, power transportation systems in tunnels, quit fighting wars over oil, reduce the need to defend oil shipping lanes and get those mega-ships off the ocean.

     Solar can provide everyone with a cleaner, healthier environment and save serious money over their lifetime. Lowering the cost of living for everyone will free up disposable income and create millions of jobs. With solar on your home you can look forward to the children and grandchildren stopping by for some of Mom’s cooking and a free charge.

–Joe Johnson, Chesapeake Beach