Your Say: Jan. 25-31

Getting Our Websters Straight

      It was Noah Webster who published a dictionary in 1828, not his grandfather, Daniel, or cousin, Daniel. And, although he did not become tutor to George Washington’s stepchildren, it is because he asked not to be considered, as George Washington was considering him as a candidate. My source: The Forgotten Founding Father, by Joshua Kendall. 

     P.S. I was taught cursive and still use it, although as I am at 66 years of age, it is getting a bit shaky.

–Charles Zoltac, Edgewater

Bay Gardener Is Right: Breaking ­Boxwood Works

      I have just tried the Bay Gardener’s recommended technique for pruning boxwoods, by snapping off the overcrowded branch tips by hand.

      To my surprise they broke off quite easily, and the bush is now more transparent and, I hope, healthier. 

      Many thanks.

–Barclay Walsh, Shady Side

Help High School and Concert Sound

       A new sound system cannot be installed in the Southern High School auditorium until the school replaces the old speakers, which are unable to be used in the new system because of higher wattage. The total cost for new speakers is $2,800.

       The Lothian Ruritan Club has donated $500 toward the purchase of new speakers, and two Ruritan board members have each pledged $250. The Music Boosters of Southern High School are also contributing.

      The South County Concert Association is organizing to raise the rest of the money and will benefit because one less piece of equipment will have to be rented for their concerts in the high school auditorium.

     If you would like to contribute, please make your check payable to SCCA and send to Sharon Poet at 382 Colony Point Place, Edgewater, MD 21037.

–F. R. Gouin, Deale