Your Say: Jan. 3-9, 2019

PG Shelter Volunteer Training Packed

      Kudos to the animal-loving Bay Weekly readers who showed up at the Prince George’s County animal shelter in Upper Marlboro three days before Christmas. I was nervous heading to the shelter this morning, but my hopes were high. Bay Weekly and its readers made me proud 🙂

     Thanks for running my letter Dec. 13.  Everybody working together is going to really make a difference. 

     I should also tell you that one of the trainees reached out to me tonight to tell me how heartbreaking it was to see these adorable dogs begging for walks (many don’t get out).

      We cannot rest on our laurels with this group of 20 today. Please spread the word.

     Training is held one Saturday morning and one weekday night every month. I will update the events calendar with this information as I get it. 

–Laurie Duke, Churchton

Creature Feature Saves a Life

     I was told by a young woman that her middle-school-aged daughter found a “copperhead” in their basement. After seeing a poorly lighted photo of it, I asked that the daughter look at my Dec. 20 Creature Feature about DeKay’s brown snake. She did and said that was what it was, a brown snake, and decided not to kill it but put in the woods. Yeah!

–Wayne Bierbaum, Creature Feature columnist

Dickinson Jewelers Partners with the Humane Society of Calvert County

       Dickinson Jewelers and its communities in Dunkirk and Prince Frederick raised $1,405 to aid the efforts of the Humane Society of Calvert County in finding every animal a forever home during the fourth annual pet adoption event. 

       With the help of numerous volunteers and families across Calvert County a generous amount of donations were made in both stores. The donation boxes overflowed with blankets, paper towels, canned dog food and chew toys to benefit the daily needs of the Humane Society of Calvert County.

      Sincere thanks for joining this community event in support of the Humane Society of Calvert County.

      Visit to find pets available for adoption as well as more information on your local Humane Society.

–Jen Williams, Marketing Manager, Dickinson Jewelers: Dunkirk and Prince Frederick

Semaphores of Light

RE: For Your Reading Pleasure, Bay Weekly’s Annual Christmas Story, Dec. 20, 2018,

      Perhaps like the birds and the trees you read the atmospheric signals: the darkening of the days, the illumination of the nights with Christmas lights, then, when the lights go out, the blackness of the sky dotted by semaphores of light we long to interpret.

      Writing as the above is why I always read your editorials. Only such absolutely wonderfully selected words could create such magnificent imagery. The editorial gets my vote as the best Christmas story.

      Thank you for sharing your talent.

–Marty Martinez, Annapolis