Your Say: Jan. 30-Feb. 5, 2020

     As a fairly long time subscriber to Chesapeake Bay Magazine and a reader of Bay Weekly I am very glad that CBM is continuing to make Bay Weekly available. I like being able to read (in handy portable dead tree form) some of the content of your Bay Bulletins that also come in my email, and then catch up on other news when at the computer. I am glad that features such as Creature Feature, Gardening, and Sporting Life that I really like from Bay Weekly are continuing. I also like the quirky entries from Free Will Astrology and News of the Weird, and especially the puzzle page and that I can check solutions without waiting until the next issue. Since I don’t get around much anymore I don’t personally use the 8 Days a Week and movie and play reviews but I am sure they are very useful to many people.

    Thank you for continuing to make this paper available.

—Larry of Solomons

      Thanks for continuing the Bay Weekly and thanks for keeping the original format. I especially like Wayne Bierbaum’s wildlife reports and I am addicted to the Kriss Kross puzzles. Most of the other stories are very interesting (including News of the Weird) and I often see things I’d like to do in the 8 Days A Week section. I pick up a copy every week and, if I’m out of the area for a while, I have my son pick up a copy for me. (I also read the Chesapeake Bay Magazine since I have a sailboat, have a dock at my house, and one of my sons is a sailing instructor). I am now a retired senior scientist (a microbiologist) from the EPA bio-pesticides program. I also formed the Bayfarer Sailing Club which has now retired also since most of us are older and don’t sail much anymore. 

—William (Bill) Schneider of Annapolis

     Great you’ve carried on the tradition! But I want to say I love “News of the Weird”! It is not “a waste” of my time, at least. It’s the first thing I read. Though sad it is no longer by Chuck Shepherd. 

     Good Luck!

—Duane Gels

      Hi, so glad you’re still here. I love newspapers in general. Been reading the Bay Weekly for years. I have liked the newest version and glad to find some of the latest articles are pertinent and interesting. Keep up the good work. Also, I for one enjoy the puzzles, horoscope and even the news of the weird. I use the neighborhood calendar to look for interesting things to attend around the area. I always show the paper to visitors to use as a guide as well. 

—Bev Macwilliams