Your Say: Jan. 31-Feb. 6, 2019

Welcome Maria Price and Gardening for Health

     I’ve been missing the advice of the late Dr. Gouin, and was so happy to see Maria Price in your pages to keep up our garden spirits. Already have ordered her recommended viburnum, and tried the timely ginger tea recipe. Looking forward to continued wanderings in company of Ms. Price 

      Many thanks.

–Barclay Walsh, Shady Side

How Bay Weekly Gets to You

      I get your paper from Rip’s Restaurant in Bowie each time I go there. Do you mail them out to readers or are they in business places only? Many papers are junk, just as the news is. Yours is a great paper.

–James Bowles, Coltons Point

Editor’s note: 

     Bay Weekly’s partnership with over 600 stops and shops that generously share their space with us enables our free distribution.