Your Say: Mach 29-April 4, 2018

Big Bay Bash a Success! 

      Crochet for the Bay raised over $500 during the event! We are meeting next week to decide where the money will go. The cold weather did not stop people from coming, but now we know not to plan an event before April.

      Thank you again for the support. Many of the people who came to our event heard about it from your article. 

–Angela Arnold, Crochet for the Bay

The Value of Bay Weekly

      I have picked up your paper in the past (I’ve been a resident for 30+ years) but only skimmed lightly. Today I read the March 22 opening column called The Never Again Generation. I admired it for its elegant wrap of the national news and themes and the seamless sell of the local coverage. Nice job. I intend to read cover to cover. 

–John Rosson, Severna Park

      I just loved the March 15 issue of the paper, especially its opening letter from calendar editor Kathy Knotts and editor Sandra Martin. You made me feel like spring is truly on the way, even though the weather keeps pulling a fast one on us. 

      I especially enjoyed reading Wayne Beirbaum’s Creature Feature about the nuthatches. I encountered my first such critter years ago while standing near George Washington’s tomb. Evidently, I’ve lived a sheltered life. When I saw a bird walk straight down the trunk of a very tall tree, trek across the ground about 30 paces and then walk straight up the trunk of another tree, I did the proverbial, hmmm.

–Diana Dinsick, Odenton

       I picked up a copy of the Bay Weekly March 15 issue with Diana Dinsick’s article about pysanky. She is an amazing writer. I am so impressed and proud to see my own history woven so beautifully within the history of the pysanky themselves. I have such joy in sharing the craft, and I think she captured so beautifully all of the reasons I have for loving the art form.

–Coreen Weilminster, Arnold