Your Say: March 1-7, 2018

Trails Are Good for America

       Trails are already transforming America. They provide healthy options to get outdoors, revitalize main streets and provide important mobility choices for people to safely get around. Almost 40 percent of all trips in the United States are a 20-minute bike ride or less, and more than 20 percent are a 20-minute walk or less.

      Trails, sidewalks, bike lanes and crosswalks are parts of America’s growing mobility needs. They should be included in any final infrastructure bill.

–Ramon Moore, Fort George G. Meade

Asphalt Millings Are Bad for the Bay

       I would like to know why Anne Arundel County allows asphalt millings to be applied to pavements adjacent to Chesapeake waterways, such as marinas, stores, restaurants and homes that are directly flowing into the Bay. Clean stone should be used for repaving. 

      Millings will get in your shoes and get on your boat deck. Try taking some millings in a vessel and add some water. You get nasty black water with a oil film on the top. If that’s not runoff, then it goes into the soil. Millings certainly have uses as a recycled material, but not for the Bay.

–Mike Hey, Deale

Saving the Bay Gardener’s ­Wreath-Saving Advice

Re: Tips on Live Holiday Greens, Dec. 7, 2017:

       Thank you for the excellent article on caring for fresh local greens. 

       This past December at the American Chestnut Land Trust I learned how to make a fresh wreath from local greens, and I enjoyed the fun and the results. 

       Unfortunately I read the Bay Gardener’s article after I had hung my wreath up outdoors, and I had not treated it to a water soak. It still lasted quite some time, but it definitely drooped. 

       Next Christmas I will try the method he recommends. 

       One suggestion should you distribute the article again: Add boxwood to the selection of greens. It has nice volume and appears in many gardens. 

      Thanks again, 

–Carol A. Russell, Huntingtown