Your Say: May 3-9, 2018

Put Solar Panels over Parking Lots

      It should be unlawful to use good agricultural land for establishing solar farms when there are thousands of parking lots. Parking lots only serve for  parking vehicles. Asphalt covered parking lots re-radiate heat into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming, and the polluted water runoff often causes flooding, overloading streams resulting in bank erosion and the killing of fish.

       With a little engineering ingenuity, those parking lots could be  generating electricity. Covering parking lots with solar panels would not only provide electricity where it is most needed but also would shade vehicles from hot summer sun, minimize plowing in winter and channel clean water from rains and melting snow into dry-wells for replenishing water tables. Rain gardens, surrounding parking lots would collect the limited amount of water run-off and filter out pollutants

      What has happened to Yankee ingenuity?

–Francis R. Gouin, Deale: The Bay Gardener   

Prayers for Safe Riding

       On Sunday April 22, 32 motorcycle riders and their families gathered together with members of Mayo United Methodist Church to share a Blessing of the Bikers service. Riders from the local community, Bikers Against Child Abuse and the Legion Riders of the American Legion Chapter in Edgewater gathered to share stories and receive a special blessing for their safety during this riding season.

       “We know the road can be a dangerous place, particularly for those who are often not seen, or they are seen but ignored by other drivers,” said Mayo UMC pastor Rev. Kathy Altman. “Our prayer is for a safe season, filled with the joys offered by adhering to the call of the open road.”

      Several riders asked for a blessing for their motorcycles as well, as often mechanical mishaps can leave riders vulnerable to the dangers around them. Motorcycle riders and church members joined together for a common cause: keeping our roads safer for all who travel in our area during the busy spring and summer months.

–Julie Jones, Edgewater


Take a Break, Give a Brake

       It’s finally spring. We’ve earned it. But please keep in mind that this is a very stressful time for wildlife as they work to feed their new families. Try to be just a little more careful when cruising around with the windows down. 

       I also humbly request that, before you remove that ugly old tree or overgrown hedge, grab your favorite drink and a folding chair and watch that tree for 10 minutes. You will be surprised by the support it provides to wildlife, I promise.

–Loretta Duke, Churchton