Your Say: Nov. 19-Dec. 6

The Mystery of the Missing Birds, Continued

     Yes, Mr Stewart, I am seeing this also. I too live on four-plus acres and have always had birds at my feeders. This year I filled the feeder first with a mixed bag of seed. No birds…thought seed rancid or ?? Dumped the mixed and then filled the feeder with black oil sunflower seeds. Still no birds. Next step? Clean the feeder completely and try another brand? Not sure. Open to suggestions! Please!

–Ellen O’Brien, Chesapeake Beach

      Patrice Gogswell’s letter of November 23 responding to Mike Stewart about birds missing from his feeders offers only a partial answer. With the mild and extended fall, many birds have found adequate food sources in the wider landscape and thus not sought supplementary supplies. Further, following completion of fall migration, many other birds have not felt compelled to disperse south and so populate our familiar feeders.  

      There may be other factors, namely: choice of bird food and frequency of resupply, siting in relation in natural habitat and disturbance by human activities.

      With colder weather to come, one hopes that Mike Stewart will now enjoy a recovery.

–Colin Rees, via email

Commuter Courtesy

      One of the great pleasures of living in Chesapeake Country is the value placed on community. We still live in neighborhoods where we don’t have to lock our doors and where neighbors are family.

      The one dogged challenge where humanity is continually challenged is that crazy commute to Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

      Having ridden commuter buses for more than a decade, I see this is a privilege where we can still have manners and show kindness. But alas there are some rude and selfish people invading our commuter buses.

     This week, I asked politely, “Do you mind if I sit down?” and a woman answered “Yes, I do mind.” 

      Please, please, please don’t let this extreme selfishness overtake our Chesapeake Country commuter buses!

      And special thanks to the bus drivers, who make our lives do much easier.

–Maggi Gunnels, Churchton