Your Say: Nov. 7-13, 2019

Already Missing Bay Weekly

      Over the years, you’ve given us countless bits of news. However, the news of discontinuing the truly beloved newspaper that you bless us with each Thursday is inconceivable. From small towns to even the biggest cities, printed newspapers have been lost. The world of online information is a wonderful thing, but it simply does not fit everywhere.

      While many of us aren’t far from the Andy Griffith show’s Mayberry, not all of us thrive on a computer screen. I don’t even own one, and I’m just fine with that. I moved to Churchton 14 years ago because of the small-town feel, people’s wonderful and welcoming attitude and this way of life. Changes in life are inevitable, but why does everything have to change, often in the name of what some call progress?

      I for one, and I’m surely not alone on this, may only have a few constants in my life. The pure joy of sitting down with the weekly presentation given to us by each and every one of you all is truly one of them.

     In closing I tell you that consistently gives us joy, smiles and even a much-needed escape from some of life’s less colorful situations. You are honestly needed in our lives.

     Thank you and God bless you all. 

–Tim Heagy, Churchton 



                                        What Do These Birds Have in Common?


      A few weeks ago, when some osprey were still lagging around in Herring Bay before heading south, I spotted one on the pier. Was there for a long time. Then a great blue heron landed on the railing nearby to check him out. Upon looking through binoculars, I maybe saw why. The osprey had a fish and the Heron may have wanted to see if he was willing to share. But, alas, he wasn’t interested and the heron left. 
–Douglas Roberts, Deale