Your Say: Sept. 13-19, 2018

More Pet Tales Please … And Wider Distribution

      I liked your August 16 Pet Tales issue and would like to see more of them like this in the future.

      I ran across this issue in one of my journeys and thought it was great and would like to know also how we could get these in our neighborhood as well. Also in Charles County.

–Marvin Wells, Dundalk

Favorite Bay Weekly Things

      The Aug. 30 issue with the various individuals and their jobs has been especially interesting, and how nice that you used part of Walt Whitman’s poem. I was unimpressed with that when first introduced to it in high school literature, but it grows in delight as I have aged.

      I wish I had an idea for a new columnist with a topic to be introduced instead of Dr. Frank Gouin’s Bay Gardener. I so enjoyed his columns and was able to tell him that I did; so I will miss that. My hope is that you might, at some time down the road, have someone whose expertise touches on some of the same things his did and that you find you can bring that person aboard.

       After I have read Bay Weekly, I save the coloring pictures and send them in the mail to my great-granddaughters. Even though they live nearby, it seems as though getting mail is fun.

–Gale Gillespie, Severna Park

Let’s Keep SOCO Safe and Clean

      Southern Anne Arundel County is growing and changing, for the worse. I love my small town of Churchton-Deale. I see familiar faces at the store, the library and the marinas. I always say, there’s no road rage here, because you’re both going to Christopher’s and it’s gonna be pretty uncomfortable in the bread aisle.

      Over the past year or so, things have started to change for the worse. Litter everywhere. Why? Why do people feel the need to throw an old TV on Franklin Gibson Road? Sudley Dump is right up the street. Is it laziness, utter disrespect or it is just someone who is so miserable who wants everyone else to suffer with them? The state just designated this stretch part of a new Scenic Drive, and now it’s filled with trash. The same on Bay Front Road. Bikes on Labor Day weekend found themselves navigating several piles of garbage dumped on the shoulders. So, so sad and frustrating. 

     On to missing pets: The same Christopher’s where you’ll see your neighbor has a bulletin board filled with missing pets. Over the years, it’s always had one or two. In the past six to 12 months, at least five or six. Now we’re up to eight (or more). I think some of the older missing ones’ owners have just given up. We need to start a reward fund to catch anyone who may be stealing or otherwise hurting our pets. It’s really heartbreaking to see all those photos every time I go shopping. Money talks. If someone’s doing this, a reward will help ferret him or her out.

–Laurie Duke, Churchton