Your Say: Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2019

Valuing Bay Weekly

Re: Your Say; Just What Goes into James and Poplar Islands?

       I just read this week’s [Sept. 19] tome and wanted to share a few thoughts.

      I noted the civility of the first writer in Your Say as he commented on a couple of issues in a previous article and your kind response to his letter. Then, I ran into the ranting gobsmack of Kelly Kelly of Facebook. Noted you are no longer on Kelly’s gift list, but made myself wade through to the end where Kelly is going to suggest the local library remove your magazine. Does this now require a citizen counter-request to leave it there?

      First I congratulate you on your measured, civil responses to both. But I bet that, unlike Kelly Kelly of Facebook, most of the other 59,999 print readers recognize Bay Weekly’s invaluable contributions to Chesapeake Country life and even-handed dealings on all kinds of Bay topics, often alerting us to important issues that would otherwise slide under that famous radar. Keep it up!

      I also appreciate your willingness to publish all sorts of opinion pieces, plus the patience to read driveling ramblings that cross your virtual desk.

–Buzzy from Facebook

Telling a Story as It Should Be

Re: He Told a Good Story;

       I just picked up a copy of this week’s [Sept. 19] issue of Bay Weekly and was delighted to see that your article about Dan [Meier] and Les [Vipond] made it in this week. The article represented the collaboration between the two men accurately and told the story as it should have been told. Dan was pleased with the way you took your interview with him and were able to get everything in correctly and coherently. He appreciated the positive outlook you put on your reading experience, and said it in a way that might inspire others to read their book, Dung Beetles of Liberia.

–Teeja Meier, Lothian

Appraisal Roadshow Feedback

Re: Local Expert Stars in Appraisal Roadshow

       I said if the Calvert American Antique and Arts Association fundraiser, the Appraisal Roadshow, was successful, I would give you credit. 

      It was successful. Many of the customers who showed with boxes and paintings in hand heard about our event through Bay Weekly. Not kidding.

     We had a number of pieces that took the audience by surprise. A gentleman brought a family heirloom, a Confederate shotgun documented as being used at Gettysburg during the Civil War. The appraisal was $15,000 or more. A woman brought a gorgeous pendant that she bought for $1,500. The colored stones turned out to be diamonds. It was appraised at $10,000 to $15,000. Not bad.

      However, we did have disappointments. One customer brought a painting he believed to have been painted by a master from the Renaissance. It was a reproduction. Not everyone, I suppose, can own a Da Vinci. Thank you Bay Weekly for all your assistance.

–Teresa Tkacik, President: Calvert American Antique and Arts Association